McGraw Hill Education Medical Embalming: History, Theory, and Practice,

The most complete and up to date text on the art science of embalmingSponsored by American Board of Funeral Service EducationComprehensive thoroughly updated in this fifth edit


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Columbia History and Repetition

Kojin Karatani wrote the essays in History and Repetition during a time of radical historical change, triggered by collapse of Cold War death of Showa emperor in 1989. Reading Karl Marx in an original way, dev


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Oxford University Press The Handbook of Religion Race in American History

The Oxford Handbook of Religion Race in American History brings together a number of established scholars, as well as younger on rise, to provide a scholarly overview those interested in role of religion race


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OUP Oxford Jesus and the Chaos of History

In Jesus and the Chaos of History, James Crossley looks at way earliest traditions about interacted with a context of social upheaval ways in which this historical chaos of early first century led to a range of ideas


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Bucknell University Press A History of Ecology and Environmentalism in

A History of Ecology and Environmentalism in Spanish American Literature undertakes a comprehensive ecocritical examination of the region's literature from foundational texts of nineteenth century to most recent fiction. The b


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Springer Victor McKusick and the History of Medical Genetics

This book is being planned as a tribute to Dr. Victor A. McKusick (1921 2008), who is well known as the "father of medical genetics". He was long associated with Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, first as a student in 1940s, and


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Pen and Sword History Tudor Victims of the Reformation

This book describes a selection of people caught up in the turmoil that presaged reformation a period of change instigated by a king whose desire a legitimate son was to brutally sweep aside an entire way of life. The most famous


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SAGE Publications, Inc Event History and Survival Analysis

Social scientists are interested in events and their causes. Although histories ideal for studying of events, they typically possess two features censoring time varying explanatory variables that create major problems


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Routledge Ismaili History and Intellectual Traditions

The Ismailis represent an important Shi i Muslim community with rich intellectual and literary traditions. complex history of the dates back to second eighth century when they separated from other i groups under leadership


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Springer The History, Use, Disposition and Environmental Fate of Agent

For almost four decades, controversy has surrounded the tactical use of herbicides in Southeast Asia by United States military. Few environmental or occupational health issues have received sustained international attention that been f


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